• Art Installation in the Makerspace

    A student made a pop-up art installation in the Makerspace, using string, paper, and mod podge.  (My phone camera photo does not do it justice, … [Continue Reading]

    Art Installation in the Makerspace
  • Perseverance

    If you look closely at the images above, you might be able to see a green plastic bubble maker that was donated to the Makerspace this past summer, as … [Continue Reading]

  • Book Hooks

    Many books truly grab a reader with their opening lines and paragraphs! For example, "There were four thugs, total gangsters, in front of the … [Continue Reading]

    Book Hooks
  • Virginia Readers’ Choice

    We've been enjoying our "Virginia Readers' Choice" lessons with Fifth- & Sixth-Grade students! Our discussions have ranged among fourteen titles … [Continue Reading]

    Virginia Readers’ Choice
  • Short Stories

    Mr. Boyd recently did a lesson on short stories with sixth grade Reading classes, and wrote this post about it: One of the many rewarding aspects … [Continue Reading]

    Short Stories